Altohype is an ad agency that helps companies build an online presence and more importantly: we help with generating revenue for our clients. We also contribute to advertising – be it creative content or that one spectacular idea, which will generate attention to your service or product. Try us out if you’re in doubt!

Our clients are many and vary in service or products – it’s thus our extensive experience with management of wide-ranging Google Ads accounts and know-how you buy.

Through the years, we have worked with Kurhotel Skodsborg, Nettolager, GaveFabrikken, Sofia Manning, Otiom, Censuum, Sokkelund, Restaurant 108 & Restaurant Barr and many, many more.

If you choose Altohype as your new agency, you should know we are honest and transparent. We love optimizing and do everyday for¬†numerous clients. We furthermore know that it’s in the smallest technical details that some of the biggest revenue streams can be found – e.g. we have found and added keywords for clients that have resulted in XX million DKK in revenue.

You’re are in safe hands with Altohype – ask around if you not entirely convinced.

Altohype was founded by former Googler, Morten Larsson in August, 2017.



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Morten Larsson - Founder of Altohype